The “Park Bio La Escollera” is built through a Society that is not searching just  profit. On a 7 acres commercial land, we decide to create the Ecologic Park “Park Bio La Escollera”  with Ecotourist and Educational purposes.

This project have been possible because of our implication and for the participation of several s persons.  With there donatives we have been able to complete the actual infrastructure. We want to become the most important Ecologic Park of the region.

This Honnor frame show our gratitude to all the persons and organizations that offers donatives for a value of more than $100 usd.  (Thank you very much to all the others that participate other way that help us very much also. )
To these persons we offer a personalized access card to the “Park Bio La Escollera”, that will maintain  us in contact with these persons and enjoy of good comments and  advices to improve constantly our installations, our Project.

David Campos Olvera
Diane DenisDoug y Kim Blair
Gobierno del Estado de Guerrero -Zoológico de Chilpancingo
Jean-Marc Provost y Mireille Meilleur
Luc Provost y Guylaine Berlinguette
Rodrigo Campos
Roger y Jacqueline Provost
Secretaria de Desarrollo Rural
Vincent Provost y Sylvie Ouimet


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