You will enjoy of all the splendours to be at 70 mts (200 ft) over the sea level . You will contemplate the port and the Bay of Zihuatanejo. You will feel the constant and cooling breeze, you will be able to observe the multiples birds species that are flying over the Park.

The 90 minutes visit will start with the Insectarium,  where you will be able to discover and learn about insects and small animals and snakes of the region. (tarantula, scorpions, praying mantis, snakes etc. )

The Botanic Garden will offert you more than 100 varieties of plants, flowers and fruit trees with a spectacular waterfall of more than 35 mts high (100 feet).

Passing by the road “Callejon del Camino Real”  to arrive at the “Sanctuary of the iguanas.” where you can observe them  in a special  atmosphere

Finishing the tour with the “Reserve“  where you can enjoy the presence of a kind of boar  (Pecari de collar) .
We have construct a 37 meter long bridge, you will be able to enjoy more of this spectacular place you must discover.

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